Motorcycle leather suit - Men - Model MXR-D

MXR-D Pack - Man - Suit + Gloves

Pack Suit + Cowhide leather motorcycle gloves with customizable colors on a unique design and nickname on the bottom of the kidneys! As a bonus, you can add the logos of your partners/sponsors on your suit at no extra charge!

Also available in kangaroo leather.

Simplify your life for your measurements with the "ZEN" option (help to take measurements + fitting suit) ! Read more....

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Model ? Customization ? Measurements ?

We explain everything in this video!

Model ? Customization ? Measurements ?

<<< Watch this video !

Customization level :

  • I create my design
  • I keep the MATT Racing design
  • I personalize the colors
  • I add my nickname on the bottom of the kidneys
  • I add the logos of my partners / sponsors
Dorsal bump
  • Dorsal hump without water bag
  • Dorsal hump with water bag
  • Without dorsal bump
Gloves Size
  • To be defined after order
"ZEN" Cow option
  • Yes (extra charge)
  • no
Type of protection provided :
  • Flexible (supplied) or rigid (not supplied) backbone
  • I already have an Air-bag vest (In&Motion type)
Indicative deadlines: manufacturing under 50 to 60 days after validation of the model + delivery time according to the choice of the carrier


The MXR-D motorcycle suit will allow you to customize your colors on a unique design as well as your nickname on the bottom of the kidneys but also the logos of your partners and / or sponsors!

This 1.3mm cowhide suit, with its doubled and tripled (according to places) kevlar seams and its kevlar stretch will ensure you resistance and safety!

Customize the color of your gloves from the wrist to each finger, let your imagination speak and design your own gloves to make them UNIQUE!

WARNING : the entire top part of the hand can only be one color.

Little + : incorporate your logo on the wrist (see photo)

A blank sketch, to be completed, will be provided to you after the payment of your order.


The MXR-D Pack is composed of :

MXR-D suit:

  • SMOOTH WAYS interior protections to CE standards (elbows, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, shin).
  • Removable SMOOTH WAYS back protector, placed in the lining (we advise you to use a rigid back protector for a track use).
  • Knee sliders
  • Titanium reinforcements on the elbows
  • Removable winter vest and inner liner with 2 pockets
  • Rubber grip on inner knee and thighs
  • KEVLAR and rubber reinforcements on inner elbow
  • Stretch KEVLAR on inner arms, legs and back of neck
  • Neoprene around the neck, wrists and ankles

1 pair of customizable RACING2 gloves